Our vision

at Website Media Marketing is to provide highly successful results in a cost effective manner.

Our mission

is to let you get back to what you know, love and do best - your business. We'll take care of the rest.

Our Values

are honesty, transparency and ethical  conduct.  We believe in open, respectful communication.

Team Leader - Bronwyn

  • Great capacity to enjoy life with a brilliant sense of humour
  • loves coffee, laughs, travel and property in any order
  • Community minded
  • Tertiary educated - MBA, Prince 1
  • 25 yrs corporate experience in Government and private practice
  • Creative & thinks outside the box seeing fine detail and the big picture
  • Sharp mind and memory ensuring no process is overlooked
  • Highly ethical and  trustworthy, guarding confidentiality fiercely
  • Compassionate, considerate and spiritual

Our Business

Go online they say… Promote and grow your business they say… It’s easy and fun they say… BUT


Reality says… what are; websites, blogs, traffic, leads, funnels, autoresponders, warm clients, cold clients?   Then throw in; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube (just to mention a few)! Feeling confused?  What is all of this about?   This is where we come in to cut through it all for you, leaving you to concentrate on what you know, love and are best at – your business.


Our discussions

Our meet and greet, possibly over a coffee, will allow us to understand your needs, to visualize your requirements and to get the feel of your business. We can then determine the campaigns necessary to substantially grow your business and raise your brand's profile.

The Planning Stage

This is where our creative genius gets to work - to design a customised campaign to achieve and then maximize the outcomes you have chosen for your business. Our aim is to wow you with an amazing yet cost effective proposal.

Your campaign

Your campaign is now live and bringing in fabulous results. It may be increasing your social media profile, increasing engagement with your website or providing more traffic through your door. Now reap the benefits of your investment.

Your Investment

Website Media Marketing has a fair and equitable pricing policy. You will be charged only for the work we do on your behalf and not for "bells & whistles" that really do not add value to your product. We provide value for money quotes and guarantee our work.

Social Media
(Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest)
(Prices start at $450 per month)

1 social media platform

9 posts per week

Monthly Analytics and Reports

Bonus monthly magazine on Digital Marketing

(Prices start at $450)

1 animated or character bot

Fully customised for your business

Monthly Analytics and Reports

Bonus monthly magazine on Digital Marketing

Our Testimonials

Website Media Marketing

"So impressed! One video up and appeared on first page of youtube. Planning series of short videos and then SEO on website with this agency. Thks for a great job".

Na Waterley

"This was my first ever YouTube video and showed a fantastic result. I would recommend Website Media Marketing to anyone who is looking to increase their exposure and brand name".


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