Video Formats

How can you use videos to further enhance your business?

What is your preferred style?  Now don't forget about social media, there are endless opportunities there!

          • informative
          • educational
          • fast 


          • hard hitting 
          • high impact
          • slow and gentle


          • fun
          • funky
          • sophisticated 
          • luxurious.



Brings a fun element to videos and can be exceptionally effective for education or information style messages. Movement catches your eye and peaks your interest level. Be goofy or serious but animation will certainly improve your response rate.

Fast and Furious 

Seriously high octane! Amazing for gyms, sporting equipment, adrenalin activates, high value 'IT' products, service organisations and product launches. We are yet to find anyone who cannot benefit from this style of advertising.


Engaging static or full video, the use of subtitles is a fantastic visual aid to highlight the primary message you are conveying. Adding a voice over allows you to add additional verbal information to further support and enhance the subtitles.

Hand Drawn

Wow! What fun. But engaging and highly effective. Choose your background from white, green or the ever popular glass board. Mix and match between images appearing, being drawn or revealed as the board is being cleaned.


Contains a single static image or a moving image. The image chosen will always be displayed however the use of subtitles, voice over, music (or combination) will produce results on video sharing platforms like YouTube.

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