Social Media


An interactive and highly successful strategy when done correctly.   

Unless you have been living under a rock you will be well aware of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and the hundreds of other social media options available, and you probably have accounts with most, if not with all of these.

You might even spend hours per week on them, believing you are being effective and maximising all that you can for your business, and for a few, you may be doing okay.

Sadly for most, this is not the case because they do not understand the endless rules and techie stuff behind the scenes and of course no two social medias are alike.

So how hard can it be to run a highly effective marketing campaign or promote yourself via social media? What could possibly go wrong?

In short, the answers are – hard and everything!

While social media is fun and easy to use when we are wanting to be entertained, learn how to tile the floor, cook an exotic meal or wanting to buy something, when it comes to marketing and self-promotions, it can lose its fun and become a freaky nightmare!

Our Social Media platforms of choice are:

YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest.

Our Prices start at $450 per month and include:

1 social media platform

9 posts per week

Monthly Analytics and Reports

Bonus monthly magazine – Digital Marketing on Fire


Most businesses who have unsuccessful campaigns, lose money because they don’t understand the intricacies of:

      • how to target
      • when to push ads 
      • how to work with interested viewers 
      • how to convert them to clients.

This is not to say that every campaign will be a resounding success, however with our knowledge we can navigate some of the pitfalls.

Whatever your opinion about social media is, we cannot ignore that they are fast becoming the chosen platforms driven by your clients. Sadly businesses who do not adopt or communicate effectively via these platforms are being left behind.

Website Media Marketing understands that all businesses have different financial resources and what is available needs to be spent wisely and  effectively to achieve maximum impact.

Let us help you…

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