Website Development

Create or improve your online presence with a clean, sleek or fresh look.

A website is just a website, right?  Wrong, oh so, so wrong…

Websites are the shiny, interactive and fun equivalent of boring business cards and brochures. If your website’s first impression fails to capture the viewer, you have lost a potential client and sale.

Worst still, what if you don’t have a website?

Your website is NOT about you! It is about your client and what you can do, solve or offer them. Your client is totally self-centric when shopping and purely looking for ‘who has what l want’. No different to when you go shopping!

In our world of fast paced life and instantaneous gratification, your website coveys so much to your audience. But you have about 5 seconds to tell your viewers who you are and convey your professionalism, trustworthiness and relevance to them. You need to show your currency and standing within your industry and the level of importance you place of them!

When someone searches a specific service or product you can be confident of a few things:

      • it is something they are interested in 
      • they maybe looking to purchase the service or product
      • they are looking for a deal (not necessarily cost driven)
      • it needs to be a simple and quick transaction.

So how does your website stand out from the rest and convert that viewer into a client?

Our Website Development price start at $800 and includes:

A 5 – 8 page website (excl e-commerce)
personalised email address
2 months free analytics
One complimentary YouTube video
Bonus monthly magazine – Digital Marketing on Fire


Website Media Marketing can help boost your website from being somewhere lost in the crowd to being up front and centre. We can analyse your existing website, strategise and provide a new fresh look. If you do not have one, lets have some fun and create one!

All websites are designed with full mobile optimisation to cater for all the different ways your clients can and will access your site.

With our optimisation packages we can assist in:

      • boosting your profile
      • generating more traffic to your website
      • increasing your brand awareness
      • transforming leads into loyal clients
      • helping raise you above the crowd.

So what are you waiting for, contact us now and let’s get started…

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