Custom Chatterbots


After a long day your business closes at 6pm and your day is finally over, or is it?


What about all the potential clients who are just starting their searches, looking for assistance or solutions and spending time and money online.

Are these missed growth opportunities, missed sales or missed connection building moments?

So how do you capture the attention of visitors to your website, grow your business and provide a fabulous interactive solution 24/7?


Introducing    Marvin

Our next generation of smart chatterbots and their phenomenal power.


Our chatterbots runs on cutting edge technology as used by leading global search engines.

The artificial intelligence is built using technology parallel to the largest companies creating smart speaker & home assistants on the market.

Our Chatterbots prices start at $450 and include:

 1 animated or character bot
Customised for your business
Monthly Analytics and Reports
Bonus monthly magazine Digital Marketing on Fire


These videos will explain the amazing technology behind the bots, the benefits of using bots and demonstrate what is possible with them.

Why you need a Chatterbot

Cindy will work 24/7 for you

Avatars, Animals, 3D or Human

Be your own Superhero.


Standout, be original.

Be a leader and influencer in your industry and let Website Media Marketing create a custom chatterbot for you.

Would you let your competitors try to take your clients during normal trading hours?

l don't think so!

So why allow it after hours?

Our chatterbots feature:

  • 3D animation with lip syncing and award winning text -to-speech technologies
  • a choice from over 55 life-like voices
  • more than 25 language options
  • become your own avatar or choose from male, female or animal 3D chatterbots
  • control your chatterbots identity, look, voice and regional accents
  • upload your own green screen video, actors, voice overs to develop a fully customized interactive experience tailored to your audience.

Contact us if you would like a free 7 day obligation free trail (conditions apply).


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