Mobile Business Cards


Compliment your mobile lifestyle with a mobile business card.

Have you ever run out of your business cards or simply not bought enough to a network meeting? How frustrating!

When you most need your business cards you just don’t have any.

That is until you install a Digital Business Card on your mobile phone. Wherever you go there’s always one item you don’t leave behind –  your phone! This fabulous product means without thinking you will always have your business card in hand – literally!

Not to mention how impressive they look.

A mobile business card can contain as much (or as little) detail as you choose. Text, images, appointment scheduling and direct contact buttons are all accessible with just one click.

Moved locations, changed your phone number, changed your position title – stress not. You do not need to go back to the printers and waste money or be left with outdated cards. Within seconds your Digital Business Card can be updated instantly and here is the COOLEST part – it updates your details even for people you gave your card to a year ago – how awesome it that!

Never again be concerned about carrying a business card – it has never been easier. 

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