Your Journey

Chat to us about your dreams …

To help us provide you with the results you desire and deserve, there are a few preliminary things we need to know.

Unlike some companies, we do not charge for this process because we believe this is where the magic begins. We get to know each other and make sure we are a good fit to work together.

From there, you can go back to the thing you love and know best – your business, firmly knowing we are working quietly behind the scenes treating your business as if it were our own.


Our Discussions

Our meet and greet, possibly over a coffee, will allow us to understand your needs, to visualize your requirements and to get the feel of your business. We can then determine the campaigns necessary to substantially grow your business and raise your brand’s profile.

This is all about you –

      • your vision
      • your mission 
      • your expectations 

You teach us about your business and its products or services.

      • So why are we here chatting?
      • What is your greatest pain point?
      • Do you have the answer but don’t know how to implement it? 
      • Do you really know what your clients are wanting from you? 
      • More questions than answers?

Through this process we start to formulate a holistic picture of your business needs which translates to the cornerstone of the strategy required to deliver your objectives.


The Planning Stage

This is where our creative genius gets to work – to design a customised campaign to achieve and then maximize the outcomes you have chosen for your business. Our aim is to wow you with an amazing yet cost effective proposal. We can help clarify the issues and work with you on finding the best solutions.

We do all the heavy lifting;

      • research,
      • segregation of clients,
      • review existing websites
      • campaigns
      • competitor analysis.
      • find your point of difference in the market
      • leverage it to obtain explosive results.


Your Campaign

Strategies developed

Websites and social media are incredibly powerful tools for your business, however without the key element of strategy they will not achieve your desired outcomes.

It is the old 80/20 rule, 80% strategy with about 15% words and 5% creativity.

In short it doesn’t matter how creative you are or how well worded something is, if your strategy is poor, your results will be too.

Website Media Marketing understands the intricacies of developing your strategy, from your strengths and weaknesses to competitor analysis, marketplace share, points of difference and budgets.

We are here to elevate your businesses profile.

Content Creation

All search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, to name a couple, love clear and concise copy writing.

So much so, they may increase your rankings if the copy is constructed in a way they prefer and it contains new and rich content.

We can:

      • provide copy writing services
      • elevate your status with search engines
      • create direct, specific copy for your business
      • tailored your reach to individual clients
      • maximise your clients experience
      • remember your website is about them, not you.


Your Investment

We understand that during this process we will continue to learn more about your business and you will gain more insight into what is possible online.

This may result in you wanting to change, include additional services or significantly amend something that was not included in our initial agreement.

This is just part of business and we are happy to provide this, however depending upon the alterations, in some cases additional charges will occur.

Website Media Marketing will provide you with a final draft for approval prior to go-live.


If you require minor copy writing alterations, we are happy do this for you free of charge, twice,  providing you notify us with seven (7) days of receiving the final draft and prior to go-live.

Any changes after go-live will incur a fee for service cost.


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