Your Investment

We do not believe in one size fits all!

Everyone is individual and unique, therefore your marketing and web presence should be too!

However, we also understand you may not know us and would prefer to ‘try us out’ or ‘see what we can offer’, therefore we have bundled the most popular items into a useful cost-effective package to allow you and us to start building our relationship.

Regardless of your choice, be it a package, a tailored option or a mix and match, we need to capture your uniqueness, your needs and your vision. All with your end game in mind. 

This is where a coffee shop can become our best friend! Where possible we will meet you for a one on one to better understand your business, discuss your current strategy and formulate a plan.

If you have a start-up business, or an existing web presence that is in need of love and sprucing up, or have an existing business but no web presence, Website Media Marketing is here to assist.

We can start with a lightweight activity on social media or tinkle with your website to improve the performance of it.

Packages can be developed to suit your personal needs easily but once established further variations to packages may incur additional fees.


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