Our Story


Team Leader and Agency Owner –

Bronwyn Mitchell 

Our vision at Website Media Marketing is to provide highly successful results in a cost effective manner.

Our mission is to let you get back to what you know, love and do best – your business. We’ll take care of the rest.

Our values are honesty, transparency and ethical  conduct.  We believe in open, respectful communication.

Bronwyn has a great capacity for enjoying life but equally as intense is her passion to run a highly successful digital marketing agency.


Challenge for today however is:

If you can identify which city Bronwyn is visiting above you can win a year’s subscription to our monthly magazine – “Marketing on Fire”! Now that’s a great deal as we would normally charge $120.00 if you order it. 

Send Bronwyn your best guess for the name of the town/city and see what happens – go to our Contact Page to register.


Profile of our Team:

Team Leader:

          • Great capacity to enjoy life with a brilliant sense of humour
          • Loves coffee, laughs, travel and property – in any order
          • Community minded – JP
          • Tertiary educated – MBA, 
          • 25 yrs corporate experience in Government and private practice
          • 15 yrs of Human Resources experience
          • 10 yrs of Promotions, Education, Engagement, Training and Marketing experience
          • Creative & thinks outside the box seeing fine detail and the big picture
          • Sharp mind and memory ensuring no process is overlooked
          • Highly ethical and  trustworthy, guarding confidentiality fiercely
          • Compassionate, considerate and spiritual



Office manager and assistant is Maureen, camera shy but no less amazing, she is equally as passionate in her determination to see your vision become reality. She has been involved in online marketing for over 9 years.

There is our VA Petra who is fabulous, always ready to jump in, very astute and amazing at ensuring everything (and us!) is where it needs to be and on time.

Last but certainly no less valuable are our “Techies” – when the going gets tough we get going to them. The gents prefer to stay out of the spotlight, however go the extra mile , are highly responsive and fully hands on.

All bases covered!

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