Videos are awesome and hands down one of our favourite items to create.


They are the quickest and easiest way to communicate your message across multiple mediums, offering flexibility, tailored design, creativity, style and are only limited by your imagination.

We have all experienced the mighty power that social media has to influence us, our decisions and keep us connected to family, friends, clients and acquaintances. Video is the perfect partner to enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns, reach a wider audience, raise your profile, general leads and build the all important relationship with your clients.

So how can you use videos to further enhance your business? What is your preferred style; informative or educational, fast and hard hitting with high impact, slow and gentle, fun and funky, or sophisticated and luxurious? And don't forget about social media, there are endless opportunities there.

Here are a few different samples, they all have the same message but delivered differently... which one is your favourite?


A fun but exceptionally effective element for education or information style messages. 

Fast and Furious

Seriously high octane captures your audience and leaves them wanting more. 


A fantastic visual aid to highlight or translate the primary message you are conveying. 

Hand drawn

Fun, engaging and highly effective. Mix and match images being drawn or revealed on various backgrounds. 


A single static or moving image can be greatly enhanced by the use of subtitles, voice over, music or a combination.


Videos come in many different formats, from static to rolling or animated images. They can be with or without subtitles, narrated voice over or music (you can have none or all three!). You can even be the star of your own video, with your own video footage or something we create with you.

What ever your requirements, we can create a strategy and one of our of friendly IT video specialists will design unique, tailored videos for you.


And they are cheaper than you maybe thinking...

Standard Bundle

4 x basic video's per month

- receive a fifth one free each month for a 12 month subscription

Super Charged

4 x basic videos

3 x premium videos

Engage the massive power of technology and let your videos do the talking...

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